Oscar Wortman was born in Maryland on August 7, 1893, and died
Hi Joe,

Oscar Wortman was born in Maryland on August 7, 1893, and died in Baltimore, MD in October, 1982.  

According to the 
1940 U. S. Census, Oscar Wortman was born circa 1895.  He, his wife 
Susie W. (also born 1895), son William W. (born 1924), and Susie's 
mother and stepfather lived at 7001 Dunhill Road in Dundalk, an unicorporated town in Baltimore County, Maryland.  Oscar was a carpenter at a construction company.

William was born February 4, 1924 and died January 10, 2008 in Baltimore County, Maryland.  He married Bonnie Jo Wortman.  As of September 2008, Bonnie Jo Wortman owned 3018 Dunglow Road in Dundalk.  The phone number I found was (410) 284-1957.  Bonnie Jo Wortman died June 25, 2013.  Their children are daughter Mary Jo Wortman (husband Martin John Oliver), and sons the late John Robert Wortman Sr. and the late William David Wortman. Their grandchildren are "John Robert Wortman, Jr. and his wife Mary, John Robert, III, Mollyana, David M. Wortman and his wife Cathleen, Patricia Ann and Robert Wortman" (obviously, some are great-grandchildren). 

--Jon Samuels

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Hi Joe,
I'm the newsletter editor, and this print of Wortman was purchased from a
newspaper photo morgue. The full caption as published is as follows:

One of the largest private collections of old and rare records on the East
Coast belongs to Oscar R. Wortman, of Dundalk. He has collected over 30,000
since he started the hobby over ten tears ago.

Also the rear of the photograph (somewhat amazingly) identifies the records
he is holding. As typed:

14" Old Back Joe record of early 1900's
8" Disco Zonofono record of Mmme. Luisa Tetrazzini, 1908

Thanks for asking, that's all we have on him. I would have guessed from his
somewhat grim expression that this was not the published image, but who
knows. By the way, non-members can see almost the entire issue here:


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> Looking at the newsletter. I notice with interest the photo of Oscar
> Wortman with some of his large records.
> I would like to know more about the man and his collection.
> Where might I find out more?
> Thanks,
> joe salerno