SA 1040
The Spoken Arts: Treasury Of 100 Modern American Poets
Vol. I
Produced by Arthur Luce Klein
Edited by Paul Kresh
Reading Their Poems: 
Edgar Lee Masters
James Weldon Johnson
Gertrude Stein                -  ?????????????????????
Robert Frost
Carl Sandberg

In Their Own Voices: A Century of Recorded Poetry 
Release Date:  Sep 17, 1996 Format:  CD 
Record Label:  Rhino Number of Discs:  4 Discs 
UPC:  081227240820 
7. If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso - Gertrude Stein

Poetry On Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work (1888-2006),
Release Date:  Apr 30, 2006 
Format:  CD Record Label:  Shout! Factory 
Number of Discs:  4 UPC:  826663100297 
10. If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso - Gertrude Stein

from an eBay listing - I assume these are part of the recordings issued by Dorian/Caedmon:


The DORIAN Lp was reviewed in the NY Times  December 9, 1951
Gertrude Stein Read by Gertrude Stein - this is the burden of a twelve-inch
disk issued by DORIAN RECORDS DR 331.  She made these recordings on shellac in a limited
edition in 1935 during her last trip to America, and they are now reissued
on a long-playing record.
  If you have strong feelings about Miss Stein and her works,
pro or con, you should find these readings of interest.  It is amusing 
to hear her negotiate such subjects as THE MAKING OF AMERICANS, A 
VALENTINE TO SHERWOOD ANDERSON,  IF I TOLD HIM ( A Completed Portrait of Picasso),
Matisse and Madame Recamier (An Opera).
  To a Stein devotee it may all seem clear and logical.  To the irreverent
some of it may be hard going.  I confess I got lost following
her most intricately simple phrases.  There are places where
she herself stumbles over some of her tongue twisters.  And there
are some passages where you think the needle is stuck in the same
groove.  Her voice and reading style are disarming. 


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Hi Richard,
A 3 minute 24 second extract of the 12th November 1934 broadcast appears as track 1 on disc 1 of the British Library 3 CD compilation of "The Spoken Word - American Writers"
Catalogue No. NSACD 50-52 issued 2008.
Best Wishes
Mike Quinn

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 12:54 PM, Richard Markowitz < [log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I am trying to determine the availability (and existence in the second
> case) of two interviews with Gertrude Stein.
> She was "interviewed" in 1934 by NBC reporter William Lundell.  
> Apparently the written questions were submitted to her, and she wrote 
> responses.  They both, then, read the text over the air, on WJZ, 
> November 12, 1934.  A transcript of the broadcast appeared in *Paris 
> Review*, No. 116, Fall 1990.  The sound of a small fragment has been 
> posted online.  The complete recording is part of the Brander Matthews 
> Dramatic Museum Collection, originally at Columbia University, now 
> housed at the Library of Congress.
> After the liberation of Paris in 1945, Stein was interviewed by the 
> American reporter Eric Sevareid.  He discusses and quotes from the 
> interview in his 1946 autobiography *Not so Wild a Dream*.  I am 
> trying to determine if the sound of this interview has been preserved.
> As far as I can tell, neither of these recordings has been 
> commercially issued.  I am seeking copies of both of them.  I would be 
> interested to learn of any other recordings of Gertrude Stein in conversation.
> The only other recordings of her voice known to me are those made 
> around
> 1934 at Columbia University, which were first issued as a Dorian LP in 
> 1951, and reissued by Caedmon in 1956.  I would be grateful to learn 
> of any others.
> Richard Markowitz