Mark said:

>Since the name of the distributor is encoded in a separate 260 $b
from the >name of the publisher  ...

Yes, 260$b is repeating.

In our shop, earlier publisher, distributor, and manufacturer are
recorded in one 260, the latter in 260$e$f$g.  Now, these three are in
repeating 264s with differing 2nd indicators.  

Few adopted repearing 260, and when they did, it was for original,
intermediate, and currrent publisher of continuing resources; not
publisher, distributor, and manufacturer.

I gather from a recent post, Bibframe will resemble RDA's repeating
264 practice (with distinct labels replacing MARC 264's 2nd
indicator), more than AACR2's single 260 practice with repeating
subfields.  Crosswalks from such varied source records will not be

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