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> bf:publishedBy / bf:publishedAt / bf:publishedOn have no relationship 
> between each other and that will become fatal, for example, if there 
> is more than one publication in the lifecycle of the instance (e.g. 
> reprints).

The relationship is that all three have the same subject, ex:instance1 
(for example):

ex:instance1 bf:publishedBy _:xx .
_xx a bf:Organization .
_xx bf:label "Hamlyn" .
ex:instance1 bf:publishedAt _:yy .
_yy a bf:Place .
_yy bf:label "London" .


A new publication (e.g. a reprint) I believe becomes a new instance, so 
there would be only one publication event per instance. (Catalogers?? 
true? even for serials?!)

Of course, these have the "blank-node-+-label" problem again (still?).


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