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[log in to unmask]" type="cite">bf:publishedBy / bf:publishedAt / bf:publishedOn have no relationship between each other and that will become fatal, for example, if there is more than one publication in the lifecycle of the instance (e.g. reprints).

The relationship is that all three have the same subject, ex:instance1 (for example):

ex:instance1 bf:publishedBy _:xx .
_xx a bf:Organization .
_xx bf:label "Hamlyn" .
ex:instance1 bf:publishedAt _:yy .
_yy a bf:Place .
_yy bf:label "London" .


A new publication (e.g. a reprint) I believe becomes a new instance, so there would be only one publication event per instance. (Catalogers?? true? even for serials?!)

Of course, these have the "blank-node-+-label" problem again (still?).

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