On 07/19/2014 08:17 AM, Denenberg, Ray wrote:

> *No URI form*
> I am hoping that there is unanimous consensus that an identifier whose
> scheme is not listed in the URN registry should never be expressed as a
> URN.   But there are quite a number of these, including Ismn, isrc,
> istc, iswc, legalDeposit, musicPublisherNumber, publisherNumber,
> stockNumber, strn, systemNumber, and several more.  Getting these
> registered as URN subspaces is not a practical idea. (And those of you
> who have registered URN spaces know what a painful process it is.)    I
> have a radical suggestion: re-open the info: registry  (Jeff?) and
> register the single space ‘bibframe:’ and structure it’s definition as
> we want it. For example:  “info:bibframe\publisherNumber\ 256A090”.

This is the case the worries me. For example there is an important local 
identifier here called "Books in Māori" / "BIM" Based on a recent print 
work: To the best of my 
knowledge there is no digital edition of the work and unlikely to be an 
economic market for one.

I had vaguely thought of a scheme inspired by :


Where <identifier> is a identifier into whatever scheme is defined by 
the indexing work specified by <urn>