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> > If nothing else, already too many people have an entirely wrong view of
> OWL "constraints" and see them as constraining the properties and values
> rather than providing axioms for reasoning because they are used to closed
> world thinking.
> I would prefer to discuss this using a different language. If someone
> makes a conscious choice to use alternative semantics with OWL, for good
> reasons and with an eye to the consequences, that's not "entirely wrong".
> That's a reasonable choice. That's an example of one of the ways in which
> new technology is invented.
> As far as the "hammer and nail", there are two sides to every story.
> {grin}

[Joni Mitchell f/Paul Simon (el condo pasta mix)]

Both the TrOWL NBox, and the Clark and Parsia ICV have well defined formal

The semantics of the NBox is defined in section 4 of [1], which adds two
inference rules to those of "classical" description logics, and proves that
these rules provide NAF semantics. Tutorial slides are available at [2].

The semantics of Stardog ICV were prepared by Héctor Pérez-Urbina, Evren
Sirin, and Kendall Clark  in  [3] , and are based on Jiao Tao, Evren Sirin,
Jie Bao, and Deborah L. McGuinness's paper [4] .

It would be fair to describe these authors as not entirely unfamiliar with
OWL and DL semantics.