The data actually derives from a MARC record.  Not carrying forward the practice of truncation is a cataloging/policy decision; bibframe is agnostic on this point.  If you do not like it, don't do it.

With respect to "providerPlace," the solution I proposed would, more or less, eliminate "providerPlace" and replace that with:



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> Subject: Re: [BIBFRAME] Proposal to handle "Providers" differently
> Kevin posted as an example:
> >         bf:providerPlace [ a bf:Place ; bf:label "London" ]
> Is that London England or London Ontario?  Since RDA now allows provision
> of jurisdiction if lacking, could we please not carry the
> AACR2 practice of truncated places of publication, manufacture, or
> distribution into Bibframe?  (At least we no longer omit place for
> producer.)
> bf:Place should be defined as including jurisdiction.
> Why "providerPlace" rather than Producer, Publisher, Distributor, or
> Manufacturer?  It would help to have more consistent terminology amongst
> our standards.  Might not some consider "Provider" to mean the book jobber?
> English terms are often ambiguous.
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