In the spirit of expanding this example, is the wikidata URI for

As well as all sort of wikimedia-specific information (such as links to 
encyclopedia articles in many languages, links to wikisource digital 
copies of textual works by and about them and their name translated into 
many languages), it contains asserts such as: their VIAF identifier 
(plus many other identifiers), sex, dates of birth and death, places of 
birth and death, occupations, etc. etc.

As a person implementing an RDF system, I'm not going to look at every 
assertion and decide whether or not to import it into my core system, 
I'm going to look at wide classes of assertions.

I might decide that the wikidata definition of sex is not one I'm happy 
with and exclude that, for all people.

I might decide that I don't care about wikisource digital copies (which 
are reachable via wikipedia anyway) and exclude those for all people.

I might decide that I only care about locally-relevant languages plus 
the standard UN set, and exclude all the other labels.

I'm definitely going to decide that I'm going to exclude unattributed 
notes that someone smelled badly.

This is conceptually no different to importing a large batch of MARC 
records and looking at the various note and private fields and deciding 
which to include and which to exclude.


On 07/11/2014 06:30 AM, Ford, Kevin wrote:
> Dear Karen,
> The complexity arises if someone other than OCLC (?) asserts something
> about a VIAF URI.
> So, for example (and, please note, I’ve used a different URI, because,
> well, the one your provided is problematic for my purpose here), what if
> /I/ asserted:
> skos:note “He smelled very badly, all the
> time.”
> On the surface it looks like VIAF/OCLC said Raphael smelled badly, all
> the time because, provenance-wise, the domain tracks back to OCLC.  In
> reality, I said it, but you cannot tell.
> If we use global URIs, and additional statements are made against those,
> then something like this could happen.
> Yours,
> Kevin
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> Kevin –
> Re:
>  >There's been lots of talk about provenance and the like in a global
> graph of data, but I feel most of those discussions rely on fairly
> technical mechanisms, the complexity of >which outweigh the simplicity
> of minting one's own URI.  (Also, the provenance statements will need
> their own URIs!)
> Doesn’t show the provenance is VIAF?
> What’s complex about this?
> Karen S-Y