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In the interest of addressing open technical issues related to the application of RDA, RDA Toolkit and the RDA Registry, a working group comprising representatives of the developers of RDA and representatives of related bibliographic data schema and system developers has been formed. The group has been named the RDA Toolkit Technical Committee and is tasked with addressing technical issues in the following areas.

·         Ongoing development of the RDA Registry

·         Creation of technical documentation

·         Improvements to RDA Toolkit functionality and display

·         Communication with vendors and developers

An informal version of this group began meeting in January 2014, but the work advanced to the point that it needed to be formalized with the group expanded to include greater input from vendors.

The Committee Group currently includes…

·         Gordon Dunsire (JSC Chair) and Judy Kuhagen (JSC Secretary) of the Joint Steering Committee for the Development of RDA

·         Diane Hillmann and Jon Phipps of Metadata Management Associates (developers of the RDA Registry)

·         David Badger and Eric Fox of Dakota Systems (current developers of RDA Toolkit)

·         James Hennelly of ALA Publishing

·         Deborah Fritz and Richard Fritz of The MARC of Quality (TMQ, Inc.)

·         Kevin Ford of the Bibliographic Framework Initiative

·         Galen Charlton of Equinox Software

·         John Chapman of OCLC

It is hoped that one or two other additional vendor representatives will join the Technical Committee soon. The Committee will meet every couple months to review technical issues and identify potential solutions. Reports on the activities of the RDA Toolkit Technical Committee will be posted to the blogs on RDA Toolkit and the RDA Registry sites and other channels.



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