Hello All,

I am currently encoding a finding aid for a fanzine collection into EAD and
was wondering if anyone here could help me out. The container list for my
finding aid lists the title of the fanzine, the volume number and issue
number, and the date.  Below is an example:

Amra, v. 2, no. 14-24, 1961-1963

The tags I use for the title and date are determined, but I was wondering
what EAD tag I should use for the volume and issue numbers.  In my
research, I have found that the <physdesc> tag is used to describe the
number of volumes held in a unit, but I am not sure if it should be used to
describe specific volumes and issues. My instinct is to place them within
<odd> tags, but thought I would get some other opinions. I appreciate the

-Trent Purdy