Dear All,

I am hoping that the EAD community will be able to help with an Irish
project. My name is Dolores Grant, and I am a digital archivist for
the Irish Record Linkage project with the Digital Repository of
Ireland (DRI):  I am also
a member of the DRI's Metadata taskforce. We are currently creating
metadata guidelines for institutions that will be depositing
collections into DRI. We are not creating a new metadata schema, but
we do have a number of mandatory fields for deposit into our
repository. The repository will support multiple metadata schemas and
will map elements to allow cross searching.

We recently wrote the first draft of our EAD user guidelines, "EAD and
the Digital Repository of Ireland: A user guide", which is aimed at
assisting institutions intending to ingest collections with EAD into
DRI. We are looking for external EAD experts, who would be willing to
review our guidelines, point out any errors or inconsistencies in
them, and give us some general feedback about their clarity and
If anyone on this list is interested in volunteering to become one of
our external EAD experts/reviewers, please contact me off list.

Many thanks for your time!