Sorry, the attachment didn’t go through with a forwarded message, here it is again, with the attachment.  I have a variety of these spreadsheets with concatenation formulas, but this should get you started.





Users enter folder (or item) data in fields as indicated without punctuation.  Date expression is only needed if different from the date range which should be four-digit years only (that is, in order to say "circa" or "March-April 1878").


After entering data, users copy the appropriate shaded cells and paste them into an XML editor at the correct point for the insertion of a folder or item list. (There is no need for an intermediate step, as with previous versions, to get rid of extra tab characters or empty elements.)




·        This spreadsheet does a little error-checking (see far right columns) for Harvard University Archives' workflow purposes.

·        If you enter a note, you get it in a single paragraph only.  Any further customizations or markup are done in the XML editor. 

·        The "Container" is rendered as a single element with the labels as part of the content, which works well for Harvard University Archives stuff in OASIS but which we would change for use with AT or ArchivesSpace ingest)

·        For use with items that have unit IDs (such as our photographs, which have photo numbers) we would have to make an alternative spreadsheet, but it would not be difficult.







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