Hello to All,

It was a very important for me being a subscriber in this list from 2010 up till today. I learned a lot and shared a lot. Since I am no longer in charge of archival projects in my University, I want to say goodbye and thank you to each one of you.

Please remove me from this list.


With all my best regards,





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Oops.  Except not the date, of course, that would go in <unitdate>:


<unittitle>Amra, v. 2, no. 14-24</unittitle>





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As to Trent’s original question, we would just put the volume and issue information right in the unittitle:


<unittitle>Amra, v. 2, no. 14-24, 1961-1963</unittitle>


Unless it was a really long list, in which case we might put it in a <scopecontent> for that c0#.