No need to overcomplicate things.  I'd encode your zine entries as follows:

<unittitle><title render="italic">Amra</title>, v. 2, no. 14-24</unittitle><unitdate>1961-1963</unitdate>

There are subelements in <unittitle> that could be used for encoding the volume and numbers of the issues, but for what purpose? If you aren't indexing the information or otherwise making use of mixed content encoding like that, it's unnecessary.

<physdesc> can be used at any level of description, not just the collection level.  For zines you might use <physdesc> to note how many issues you have, or their dimensions, but not for specific issue numbers.

<container> is only appropriate for the box the zines are housed in - never include descriptions of archival materials themselves in <container>.

Good luck.


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Hi Trent,


If you have individual zines in your finding aid, all of the information about each zine will go into the container tags as part of the Detailed Description of the Collection information. The <pysdesc> tag is a higher level description used to describe the collection as a whole.


I used to be a zinester “back in the day,” so I would love to take a look at your finding aid and try to help in any way that I can.



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Hello All,

I am currently encoding a finding aid for a fanzine collection into EAD and was wondering if anyone here could help me out. The container list for my finding aid lists the title of the fanzine, the volume number and issue number, and the date.  Below is an example:


Amra, v. 2, no. 14-24, 1961-1963


The tags I use for the title and date are determined, but I was wondering what EAD tag I should use for the volume and issue numbers.  In my research, I have found that the <physdesc> tag is used to describe the number of volumes held in a unit, but I am not sure if it should be used to describe specific volumes and issues. My instinct is to place them within <odd> tags, but thought I would get some other opinions. I appreciate the help!

-Trent Purdy