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I have the following loose issues available if anyone wants them. Please
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This list closes on 7/18/2014.


v. 9 #1 (3/88) - v. 10 #4 (12/89)

v. 17 #1 (3/96) - v. 26 #4 (12/05)



Gregg Whitmore

Library Technician


Boise VAMC Medical Library 


500 W Fort St

Boise, ID  83702


VA Librarians On Call
: Virtual reference service is available when our library is closed.
Just click the link any time Mon-Fri, 8:00 am-7:30 pm EST for an online
librarian to help you. 

Register for Athens <> : remote
access to our library's online resources and databases

Boise VAMC Library Catalog <http://vhaboiapp02:8025/>  a link to the
library's online catalogue

Boise VAMC Library Sharepoint Site
<> : link to the library's
online resources

Boise VAMC Library Serial Solutions A-Z List
<>  a list
that includes all of our e-journals and e-books!