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We are pleased to share Issue 8 of the Newsletter<>.

As we prepare to launch a public access gateway to scholarly publications resulting from DOE research funding, OSTI is collaborating with a subset of DOE national laboratories and authors on pilot projects designed to help OSTI and members of the DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP) learn more about what will be entailed in collecting accepted manuscripts from DOE-funded authors.  We hope you enjoy reading about this important initiative, as well as about the 2014 DOE STIP Working Meeting.  In addition, you can learn about enhancements to the National Library of EnergyBeta; ScienceCinema's new look; the OSTI products highlighted in the DOE Open Government Plan 3.0; and much more in Issue 8<> of the Newsletter.

Issue Contents

July/August 2014

OSTI Conducting Pilots with National Labs, DOE-Funded Authors in Preparation for Launching Public Access Gateway to Scientific Publications<>
The DOE Scientific and Technical Information Program: Raising the Bar for DOE R&D Results<>
The National Library of EnergyBeta: Cool Search Tool for Summer<>
Search Tip: National Library of EnergyBeta New Search<>
OSTI Products Highlighted in DOE Open Government Plan 3.0<>
ScienceCinema Has a New Look<>
OSTI and Social Media: A Great Way to "Share" DOE STI<>
OpenNet Celebrates 20th Anniversary<>
Meet Tim Byrne<>
What Is Explore by Subject at SciTech Connect?<>
DOE Science Showcase: Biofuels<>
Latest from the OSTIblog<>

The Department of Energy conducts more than $10 billion a year in research and development. The DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information<> (OSTI) helps ensure a return on these DOE investments by collecting, preserving and disseminating DOE-sponsored R&D results.

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Brian Hitson, Acting Director, OSTI