Hi Besty and Melanie,

Thank you for your replies!

Yes. We’re implementing complex objects in Islandora. It looks like both of you think the relatedItem type for serial and its parts should be “constituent” rather than “host.” I’ll bring this feedback to our team.


Besty, you mentioned that “in our former implementation, we would not have created MODS records for the components, but would have used entries in the METS structMap to label the components.” We’re generating MODS records for both serials and serial issues from the serial online form. I’m not sure how to use METS structMap to label the component. You mean you don’t have MODS for parts, and parts info is only added to METS. Is it done by programming?! Please do share your approaches and ideas!


Melanie, the Serial hierarchical display is populated by MODS elements <caption><number> (that’s for issue and no info). As for how they should look like and be linked to each other, it’s still under discussion. Generally speaking, a breadcrumb link will specify the hierarchy (serial > Volume > Number). If a user clicks a link, it’ll bring you to different levels of record display.


Thank you for your feedback!




<relatedItem> type attributes: (

  host - Information concerning a host or parent resource for the resource described; this may be a parent collection (Equivalent to MARC 21 fields 760, 772, 773).

  constituent - Information concerning a constituent unit of the resource. This allows for more specific parsed information than may be used in <tableOfContents>. (Equivalent to MARC 21 fields 762, 770, 774; fields 700, 710, 711 with subfield $t).


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Hi Sophie,


It sounds like you are working on implementing complex objects in Islandora and you that all the issues and articles will be constituents in a complex object shell.  Is that right?


And is the reason that you need the MODS records for the children so that you can have labels for the constituents?


I may be reading too much into your message, but if you are correct, we are struggling with a similar questions about how to implement complex objects in Islandora.  We are not doing serial issues, but rather things like research articles with supplementary files, conference proceedings, and data sets.


Our material is a little different in that it is easy to assign a textual name to the component parts (something more than v.1, issue 1).


In our former implementation, we would not have created MODS records for the components, but would have used entries in the METS structMap to label the components.


We've come up with a couple ideas and would be happy to share them if that is what you are working on.  We are probably far from coming up with the "right" answer, but will continue to work on it over the next few months.





Hi Sophie,


generally speaking MODS is very flexible and you can reuse/repeat as much (or as little) from the related description as is necessary for your purposes and as long as it allows you to relate one description clearly to the other. On a side note, I have seen some implementations using the <genre> element to help indicate the level, specially if there may be different types of levels involved, e.g <genre>issue</genre> or <genre>article</genre>  From the example that you send in your previous e-mail I am still not quite clear on how your system (and I am not familiar with Islandora) relates this issue description to the parent serial record. Curious to find out more about it.

If it were presented in one single hierarchy and you are going down that hierarchy, then the relationship type would be that of a "constituent" rather than that of a "host", right?

So I am assuming that the issue level records are designed to stand on their own, but I don't see anything that would link one to the other, so maybe a bit more context would be helpful in this case?





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Thanks Melanie,
We're actually cataloging serials, serial issues and serial analytical articles in a hierarchical structure. (The system we're using is Islandora. The MODs form for serials is locally created and is not part of the default Islandora installation. The development is still ongoing.)

We have a serial record as the parent MODS record, at the same time, under that parent record, we'll have issue level records (Child records). Now our question is:
For the issue MODS record, do we need to have the full information as presented in the serial parent record, or, it is enough to only have issue and number as shown in my previous email? For catalogers, we need to add the issue and number after finishing cataloging the parent record, and a program will generate the MODS records for the parent serial and the issues. So the question is: does the program need to get inherited information from the parent MODS? Is the MODs with only the following elements
<mods>< relatedItem><part><detail><caption>...</caption><number....</number></detail></part></relatedItem></mods>
Considered adequate?

We're still trying to decide how the analytical serial article MODs record should look like. We've seen LC's sample record, but our question is that:
If we have a parent MODs serial record, does the article MODs record still need to have the full information as presented in LC's site? How many elements would be necessary or preferred? What's the best practice here?

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestion!

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Dear Sophie,
could I ask you to clarify your question a bit? I am not quite sure what the main resource is that you are cataloging for your DAMS. Is the record for the serial, the issue, or are you cataloging specific articles?

There are some examples posted to the MODS Guidance page:


On 7/15/2014 1:34 PM, Sai Deng wrote:
> Hi dear list,
> In a DAMS repository, is it considered good practice to have a normal parent serial record and its issue records with only limited information (vol., no.), for example:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mods version="3.4"
> xsi:schemaLocation="
> xmlns=""
> xmlns:xsi="">
> <relatedItem type="host">
>       <part>
>             <detail type="volume">
>               <caption>Vol.</caption>
>                <number>10</number>
>               </detail>
>            </part>
> </relatedItem></mods>
> Is the above MODS record considered adequate?
> What would you recommend for MODS coding for parent serial, serial issue records and article level records?
> Thank you for any feedback or suggestion!
> Sophie