We are pleased to announce that Melanie Wacker, Metadata Coordinator at Columbia University Libraries, is assuming the chair of the MODS Editorial Committee. She has been working with MODS since 2007 and was involved in getting Columbia's metadata ready for the Aquifer project at that time. Since Columbia has been using MODS in their  Academic Commons and Digital Library Repository, Melanie has played an active role in its implementation there. In 2010 she was one of the non-MARC testers for RDA and tested RDA in MODS. She has served on the MODS Editorial Board since early 2013.  Recently she has been active in two key MODS-EC activities: she has led the current effort to revise MODSRDF and is working on the subgroup that is mapping MODS to BIBFRAME.



Rebecca Squire Guenther

Library of Congress, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Washington, DC

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