On 2014-08-10 11:43 AM, CJB wrote:
> SyncToy sounded good until I read the Wiki
> "A significant weakness of SyncToy, including the latest release, is
> that it does not notify the user of conflicts in which both copies of
> a file have been modified. It simply uses the latest version and
> overwrites the oldest. Without proper notification, the user could
> lose important changes on the older version."
> That is NOT good.

Hello, CJ,

I agree that is not good, but how can you tell from file date and time 
stamps alone if both have been changed? This is where a tracking 
database, an available option in Vice Versa Pro (, comes 
into play. I have avoided using it as my structures tend to avoid 
this--they are mostly one-way--and I encourage manual file versioning 
among my small group of users (though they do it less than I would hope).

As an aside, I do not run VV Pro in SYNC mode, because I do NOT want the 
backup copy deleted if the original is deleted. Once a year or so, I go 
through and look at what has been deleted and then run scripts, after 
approval, to delete the backups of the deleted primary files.

VVPro will also make archive copies (variable number and age, user 
selectable) of files it overwrites, so it has an automatic versioning 
capability, but I found that too unwieldy for general use and have 
deleted it, especially for the large email files we have in Thunderbird 
(Outlook makes similar sized files--maybe bigger but fewer in number).


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