On 2014-08-10 12:10 PM, John K. Chester wrote:
> Total Commander
> Much more sensible & reliable than Windows Explorer.  Also has a great
> search-and-replace rename feature that's really handy for fixing lots of
> filenames.

Hi, John,

That looks like a great all-in-one solution. A group of my techie 
friends got me interested in VV Pro in 1997 or so and I've never looked 

About six to eight years ago, I discovered Advanced Renamer which has 
been free for a decade.

It is extremely powerful in how it can rename and only gets better as 
time goes on. It will also do sequential renumbering now.

The first step is the hardest to understand unless you spend some time 
with the documentation: you need to select a METHOD to rename by (it 
turns out you may select multiple methods, but out of the box it invites 
head scratching...or at least it did for me.

The newer versions are more intuitive, or I'm just used to it now.



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