The whole point of vinyl is the artifact. The more bells and whistles the artifact has, the more desirable the artifact is. This, of course, comes at a price..
-Matt Sohn

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On the other hand, if your factory specialized in one specific type of
pressing, you could probably process more orders and make up the difference
in volume.

It's like trying to run a car factory that cranks out Model Ts and custom
hot rods at the same time.

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> yeah, but then you remove the reason for a good portion (half?) of the
> vinyl sales -- kewl factor and hipster cred. Many, if not most, vinyl
> buyers want artifacts more than they want high fidelity.
> -- Tom Fine
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>  Another thought came to mind when reading this article.
>> It seems to me that the demands for different types of "custom" jobs -
>> colored wax versus 180 gram pressings, etc - is making the manufacturing
>> process more difficult and slowing things down for everyone.  Common sense
>> would tell you that if a factory just pressed discs in one weight in black
>> vinyl and used similar printing processes for the labels and covers, the
>> results would be more consistent.
>> rand
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>>  Three observations, both one man's opinions ...
>>> 1. If United goes through on their plan to add 16 presses, others would
>>> be
>>> foolish to expand for the time being. My bet is, 16 new presses at a
>>> high-output place like United will be enough capacity for now. The
>>> article
>>> also neglected to mention Chad Kassem's state of the art new pressing
>>> facility in Kansas. I think Chad custom-build enough presses to do at
>>> least
>>> what Gotta Groove does per day.
>>> 2. Chad told me that it's tricky, but colored vinyl can now be done so it
>>> doesn't sound any worse than black vinyl. I have to say that the Record
>>> Store Day colored vinyl release of Velvet Underground "Loaded" didn't
>>> sound
>>> any worse than the CD from which it was mastered.
>>> 3. The article does a good job enumerating the "art" aspects of pressing
>>> records. Ambient humidity, press temperature, the consistency of the
>>> water
>>> heating system, etc, all play major roles in quality. Also, operator care
>>> with pressing cycles, centering of labels, etc. The article did not touch
>>> on what is needed to MASTER a good LP record. Too many new-issue vinyl
>>> releases are made from toothpaste-compressed masters the same as the CD
>>> and/or download releases. These sound particularly bad on vinyl because
>>> of
>>> the nature of mechanical mastering and playback. It's also odd that the
>>> Cleveland place is doing so much work for ambient and minimalist artists.
>>> Those genres benefit the most from digital technology -- super-quiet
>>> backgrounds behind the subtle soundscapes. I suspect the vinyl releases
>>> are
>>> driven by artifact-hunting and general hipsterism.
>>> One other thing -- the article failed to mention that there are at least
>>> two large-scale pressing plants in Europe. The biggest one, in Germany,
>>> has
>>> been block-booked by UMG twice in recent years for the massive production
>>> cycles associated with Beatles box sets. I suspect this has a bearing on
>>> the long lead times at US plants.
>>> -- Tom Fine
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>>>  Interesting article on the current state of vinyl production in the U.S.
>>>> the-tough-realities-behind-vinyls-comeback/
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