What exists currently in the radio/sound recording terms for the
Library of Congress Genre/Form Thesaurus for such a form/genre is:
Promos (Radio commercials). That should fit what you're talking about.
Add the terms as a term (if you're making a MARC record, code it 655
_7 and add $2 lcgft after the term in a bibliographic record.

155__ |a Promos (Radio commercials)
455__ |a Promo announcements, Radio
455__ |a Promotional announcements, Radio
455__ |a Promotional spots, Radio
455__ |a Radio promo announcements
455__ |a Radio promos (Commercials)
455__ |a Radio promotional announcements
455__ |a Radio promotional spots
555  _ |w g |a Radio commercials

670__ |a The concise encyclopedia of American radio, 2010: |b p. 7
(station promotional announcements (promos))
670__ |a Radio WWW site, Apr. 22, 2010 |b (Promo: an
announcement, live or pre-recorded, which promotes an upcoming event,
promotes the station image, promotes the results of a past event, or
promotes any other event which benefits the station’s image or
670__ |a LC database search, Apr. 22, 2010 |b (promos; radio promos;
promo announcements; promotional announcements)
680__ |i This heading is used as a genre/form heading for radio
announcements promoting a particular radio station, upcoming
programming from a station, or events sponsored or supported by a

Thom Pease
Library of Congress
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> I believe the term "bumper" is still used in radio to describe these short brand-building bits.  They aren't as common on TV as they once were.
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> Hi,
> Question for the catalogers in the room: is there a term for the short jingles/breaks/IDs used by broadcasters? I'm in the middle of a finding aid right now and need to account for these as a category.
> Thanks in advance and have a great weekend,
> Brandon
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