I am very happy and proud to report that Jessalyn Zoom, acting coordinator for the PCC BIBCO program in COIN, has been selected for the position of History and Military Science Section Head in USASH.  Of course it comes with a tinge of sadness but Jessalyn has asked to retain some role in PCC.  What role she will play will be decided in September and you will be informed.  I know you will join with me in wishing her success in her new role. 


Jessalyn Zoom came to the Library as a junior fellow processing the brittle Pulp Fiction collection in the Serial and Government Publications Division in summer 1994.  After a year working as a reference librarian on a temporary assignment, she was hired as a permanent employee working as a cataloging technician in the former Special Materials Cataloging Division in 1995.  She later joined the former Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division as a Korean/Chinese cataloger.  Since 2002, Jessalyn has been working for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) in the Cooperative Programs Section of Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division (COIN).  Jessalyn served as co-coordinator for the PCC NACO program from October 2011 to April 2013.  Since May 2013, she has served as acting coordinator for the PCC BIBCO program.  During her years working for the PCC, Jessalyn has coordinated and managed the PCC programs, developed and maintained training documentations, conducted bibliographic and authority trainings, and served as reviewer for the PCC libraries.  Most recently, Jessalyn participated in the RDA training marathon and served as instructor teaching RDA to LC staff, LC overseas offices, and PCC institutions.  Jessalyn is a member of the American Library Association (ALA), Association for Asian Studies, and Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL).  She is currently LC liaison to CEAL.  Jessalyn has a Bachelor of Arts (BA): Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing University, Beijing, and two Master’s of Arts in Library and Information Science and Asian Studies from the University of Iowa.


Jessalyn will begin working in USASH on Monday, August 25th.  



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