‘In other words, what is the valid form of an LCCN ?’


(…talking about the valid form for bf:identifierValue)  For an lccn, I’m not sure that the form chosen for bf:indentifierValue matters much. 


We seemed to conclude (a week or two ago) that supplying a URI form for the identifier is a good idea -- not because you might be able to dereference it, but because when in URI form it would be normalized and thus easier to process.  I can’t say that I understand this to be true for all identifier schemes - isbn for example -  but it is true for lccn, when represented as an info: uri; the normalization  is explicitly described at http://info-uri.info/registry/OAIHandler?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=reg&identifier=info:lccn/ .  So when the lccn identifier is encountered it would be uriForm that’s processed (with the normalized lccn), and not the string bf:identifierValue.   Right?






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On 8/5/14, 11:18 AM, Denenberg, Ray wrote:

Karen,  in your example

a                                                                              bf:IdentifierDescriptor ;

                bf:identifierScheme                                       <http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/identifiers/lccn> ;

                bf:identifierValue                                            "http://lccn.loc.gov/65026236" ;


The third line should instead be:

              bf:identifierValue                                            "65026236" ;

Ray, I thought of that, but I wasn't sure whether it would be "   65026236", as it appears in the MARC 010, or the compressed form that you cite.

In other words, what is the valid form of an LCCN that has not been converted to the form used in the LC "Permalinks"? The MARC documentation defines a form with a prefix area followed by the number. Will that be acceptable as a value in bf:identifierValue? (Not a question that has to be answered today, but one that will come up eventually.)


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