I completely agree.  Place of publication is a relationship of the publisher entity.  This bit of discussion is going over ground covered in FRBR 4.1:
"For example, "place of publication/distribution" is defined as an attribute of the manifestation to reflect the statement appearing in the manifestation itself that indicates where it was published. Inasmuch as the model also defines place as an entity it would have been possible to define an additional relationship linking the entity place either directly to the manifestation or indirectly through the entities person and corporate body which in turn are linked through the production relationship to the manifestation. To produce a fully developed data model further definition of that kind would be appropriate."
It's now time to develop the data model so it's not so string-y. Displays and user access to "authority" data can be configured to as to provide all relevant information.
We should note that place of publication is not specified as a criterion for distinguishing monograph manifestations, per RDA LC-PCC PS for 2.1, and that in Table 6.3 FRBR has Place of publication/distribution as a low-value attribute for identifying manifestations.  Transcribing place names as attributes a zillion times isn't worth the effort when we have a more efficient way to handle data.

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Rather than reproducing the labels of a entity (e.g. place of publication) in several places for our own technical convenience, we can supply them on the entity (the authority data) and either by indexing ahead of time or by on-demand retrieval, we can use them for display at the appropriate time (during the patron's session).

Patrons can certainly have access to authority "records". In fact, one could say that this is essential to doing good Linked Data.

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>> If we have a pointer fully-populated authority control record for 
>> publisher, adding location of publication is redundant at best and misleading at worst.
> Patrons rarely have access to authority records.  The brief display 
> should contain the place and jurisdictiion of publication, jurisdiction supplied if not in the resource.
> That is basic information, and often a clue to the viewpoint of a resource.
> We are working for patrons, not each other!
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