Hello from the Young Readers Center! As you know, your state books end up in our center for children to access, and they are quite popular. In addition, we are holding an open house in January 2015 for families of new members of Congress who will be sworn in across the street and many will be directed to that section of our collection. So, we’d like to come by your booth at the end of the NBF (around 5pm) to pick up your book (if you have brought it with you) to take it back directly to the YRC. Let us know if you have questions or concerns about this otherwise we’ll be looking for you then.


If you need to reach me on the 30th for any reason my cell is 301-908-6628. If you have already sent us your book you can just remind the volunteer who comes by to pick it up?





Karen W. Jaffe

Program Specialist, Director

Young Readers Center


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Hi, All, 


Now that the LOC listserv has been updated, I wanted to share a Google Drive folder I created for the digital maps project.


You can access the folder here:  <https://drive.google.com/a/simmons.edu/#folders/0B4m5eB4TCJcTRV93Y054SHU2Tkk>


In it there are three files at present:


(1) The spreadsheet collecting the many digital literary mapping projects from across the country and around world that we referenced in our December meeting.  As you come across projects that are not yet listed, why not add them to this list so that we maintain the comprehensiveness of this resource?  Just be sure to follow the format already established so we can sort properly.  (I haven't yet added any of the cool National Geographic mapping so if anyone is already playing with their Underground Railroad mapping or other project and think it should be added, have at it!)


(2) "Digital Literary Maps -- Project Participants"  This spreadsheet will list the contact for each state center vis a vis this project.  The spreadsheet will be populated with information when the primary state-center contact for this project completes a form that is available here:




I thought it would be best if only ONE person per state-center completes the form so that as we try to grapple with this nationally we are not managing multiple contacts per state center, which could get us into three figures for project workers, a frightening thought.  OK?


(Of course, any and all LOC/CfB staff are invited to complete the form.)


(3) Notes from the Digital Mapping Meeting on Friday a.m., May 2nd.  


These are my notes on the meeting we held on Friday a.m. In advance of creating a comment document to help us discuss key questions before we plan our meeting for Friday, August 29, I wanted to lay out what I think happened at the meeting and what questions I thought were raised.  As you review, please add your own comments/questions to the document.  To keep the information source clear, will you kindly add your text in a color and preface it with your name or your state/district mailing code ... anything to identify the person commenting.  


All of us can visit the folder, review comments and add more ... and along about June 15th I'll send an email out with a planning document based on the responses you add, ok?


Let me know if you have any trouble accessing any of the documents. I sometimes forget to take the "Simmons Only" default protection off and can fix that in a jot.






P.S.  I'll be sending out a draft of the Power Point presentation on "30 Years of State Center Programming" in a day or two, once I compress the pages and add starting notes to them.  You can also add notes and then we can send out a comprehensive document.  

Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Massachusetts Center for the Book
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Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Massachusetts Center for the Book
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