Hi, All, 

I have been quite preoccupied here in Mass and so did not write with my questions once the consensus formed around simply bringing a copy of the state book for the group table, but I am not really seeing how this is shaping up so thought I better send this note...  Thanks for indulging me!

Q's .... 

1.  What will display design be?

How will the 50 (or nearly 50) books be displayed?  Are they going to lay flat?  Or will they stand?  All on one level?  How interesting or crowded or sparse or whatever will this display be?  

I admit that I can't visualize ..... does anyone have an idea about how to present these in a compelling way?   There were plenty of people in my kids' schools who knew about creating different levels, etc., to add interest ... but I have no experience with that sort of stuff ... Does anyone have thoughts about what this thing can be made to look like?

2.  Signage?

How will visitors to this display know what they are looking at?  What signage is needed to explain the overall display?  Who can create that signage?


How will visitors know which book is associated with which state?  How will they get an overview of a given book?  

I know you all didn't like my idea of signs about the different books ... but can we do without any explanation of each book?

3.  Stuff?

Are there any giveaways at this table?  Why will people stop here and what do we want them to know when they leave?    

4.  Staffing?

Are we asking too much of table staff to assume they will be able to talk about the books and also police the visitors to make sure books don't leave the table, etc.?




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