Thanks so much for following up on this, Sharon.  I think this is great that we'll give this a try, and here are some thoughts for a very minimal display.  I hope those with more visual flair will chime in!  

1.  Design of display: I think that everyone should make sure their book can be propped up, i.e. if your state's book is not a hardcover, you should bring something that can prop the book up so that nothing is lying flat on the table.  The Junior Leaguers can rotate the books around to give different books the front row at different times

2.  Signage: First of all, if this display is in a booth (rather than a table out on the periphery somewhere) it should have an identifying banner just like each of our booths will have.  If the title on the list of books is Great Reads About Great Places, then the banner should say Great Reads About Great Places.  (I don't know if it's too late for the LOCCFB to order such a thing.)

Secondly, there should be several copies of the map around the table and maybe one taped to the front of the table.  I volunteer to show up at this table on Saturday morning with tape and scissors.  Or maybe Anne can enlarge the list onto an 8-1/2 by 11" sheet and put it into a holder?

Thirdly, about identifying each state's book: how do we feel about each state putting their sticker on the corner of the front cover?  Or if that is still too cryptic, an Avery label with the name of their state on it?  

3.  Giveaways: I vote no.  People will stop by the table because there will be a colorful melange of book covers to look at.

4.  Staffing: I think the wonderful Junior Leaguers are capable of saying, "There are all the books that the states chose for the list on the back of the map" and "Sorry, display purposes only, you can look but I'll need to put the book back when you're done."

It hasn't been the practice to have these books on sale at the NBF, but maybe next year we can start that tradition.  

Thanks again,

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Hi, All, 

I have been quite preoccupied here in Mass and so did not write with my questions once the consensus formed around simply bringing a copy of the state book for the group table, but I am not really seeing how this is shaping up so thought I better send this note...  Thanks for indulging me!

Q's .... 

1.  What will display design be?

How will the 50 (or nearly 50) books be displayed?  Are they going to lay flat?  Or will they stand?  All on one level?  How interesting or crowded or sparse or whatever will this display be?  

I admit that I can't visualize ..... does anyone have an idea about how to present these in a compelling way?   There were plenty of people in my kids' schools who knew about creating different levels, etc., to add interest ... but I have no experience with that sort of stuff ... Does anyone have thoughts about what this thing can be made to look like?

2.  Signage?

How will visitors to this display know what they are looking at?  What signage is needed to explain the overall display?  Who can create that signage?

How will visitors know which book is associated with which state?  How will they get an overview of a given book?  

I know you all didn't like my idea of signs about the different books ... but can we do without any explanation of each book?

3.  Stuff?

Are there any giveaways at this table?  Why will people stop here and what do we want them to know when they leave?    

4.  Staffing?

Are we asking too much of table staff to assume they will be able to talk about the books and also police the visitors to make sure books don't leave the table, etc.?




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