thanks, fine now..

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Hi Dana,


I reloaded it. Can you try it again?


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I'm getting an error on the link to the stylesheet:

This page contains the following errors:


error on line 2 at column 15: xmlns: 'http://www.loc  .gov/mods/v3' is not a valid URI

Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.


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MARCXML to MODS 3.5 -- XSLT 1.0 (Revision 1.101) Announcement

The Library of Congress' MARCXML to MODS 3.5 (XSLT 1.0 Revision 1.101) is now available via the Library of Congress' MODS Web site and at < >--it incorporates edits made in response to comments received since the release of Revision 1.96.

The MODS 3.5 XSLT is based on the MARC to MODS 3.5 mapping made available by the Library of Congress and last updated in May of 2014 <>.

Please note that content standards and practices using MARC vary among institutions, and sometimes within an institution over time or between types of collections or materials. No one stylesheet can deal appropriately with all variations in the use of MARC. The mapping decisions underlying the changes we have made, as well as the decisions underlying the LC stylesheet should be tested on sample records to determine whether the results are as desired or whether the institution needs to modify the stylesheet for a particular collection of records.

General questions about the mapping may be directed to the MODS Editorial Committee members via [log in to unmask]. Specific questions about the stylesheet may be addressed to Tracy Meehleib at [log in to unmask] .

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