I have an interesting issue regarding changing names for software that I 
wanted to hear some discussion about.

The book in question: Using OpenRefine

It's a handbook on using an open source desktop application currently 
named OpenRefine.  However, the software has gone through several name 
changes.  Wikipedia provides a succinct summary:

OpenRefine started life as Freebase Gridworks developed by Metaweb and has 
been available as open source since January, 2010. On 16 July 2010, Google 
acquired Metaweb, the creators of Freebase, and on 10 November 2010 
renamed their Freebase Gridworks software to Google Refine, releasing 
version 2.0. On 2 October 2012, original author David Huynh announced that 
Google would soon stop its active support of Google Refine. Since then, 
the codebase has been in transition to an open source project named 

The OpenRefine website itself says: OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is 
a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it 
from one format into another; extending it with web services; and linking 
it to databases like Freebase.

So the question I have is this:

Do we have one work here, or multiple works?  If just a single work, what 
is the preferred title for it?  The latest name or the earliest?  That is:

130  OpenRefine
430  Google refine
430  Freebase gridworks


130 Freebase gridworks
430 Google refine
430 OpenRefine

If we have multiple works, is it a sequential work relationship or some 
other kind?  If sequential, do we have any existing relationship 
designators that can be used?

continuation of (work) The work that is continued by the content of a 
later work. Apply generally to serials.

replacement of (work) An earlier work whose content has been replaced by a 
later work, usually because the later work contains updated or new 
information that makes the earlier work obsolete. Apply generally to 
single-part units, multipart monographs, and integrating resources.

preceded by (work) A work that precedes (e.g., is earlier in time or 
before in a narrative) the succeeding work. For sequentially numbered 
works with revised content, see J.2.2 (derivative works).

If not sequential, is it derivative?

I'm curious to think what others think about software titles as works and 
how to deal with changes in title, particularly in a case where one 
company buys another and changes the name of the software.


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