The Music Library Association has responded to a lot of these, shall we say, less-than-clear areas of RDA with a set of recommended best practices for cataloging.  This document is updated periodically, but I believe the most recent version can be found here:

The document includes copious examples which can be most helpful in cases like these.



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PCCLIST readers,


Thanks to those of you who contributed to this discussion.  I should have been clearer myself, and entitled the original message "Choice of main entry".  I don't believe it's clear at all in RDA what's to be done about that.  But in a MARC record, there's a main entry, either field 1XX or field 245.  Formulation of an AAP is a different matter.  Sometimes it's tricky to keep the two distinct, particularly with MARC fields like 245 serving as both transcription and as an access point.


Eventually I hope to have another draft for consideration.    - Ian


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