Hi Lori,


I would like to comment about the concern expressed about the mixed mode of access and thus a fundamental change to RDA.  The intent is not to describe anything “mixed” but rather to describe the current state of the resource only.  Notes can be made about its previous mode of issuance, which does not exist anymore. 





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Subject: [PCCLIST] feedback for CC:DA on 6JSC/ISSN/5


PCC colleagues,


CC:DA is currently discussing 6JSC/ISSN/5, a proposal from the ISSN Review Group on change in mode of issuance for online resources.  Here’s the link to the CC:DA blog page where you can find the text of the proposal and comments so far:


I’d appreciate comments from the PCC community about this proposal.  I can post comments to the blog.  The proposed timeline is to wrap up discussion of this proposal by Friday, but if more time is needed, it can be extended.






Lori Robare

PCC liaison to CC:DA

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