Thanks, Paul.  These materials were invaluable to all of us who went
through the training at Indian Trails.  I still refer to them sometimes
(along with pestering you and Bob Maxwell, of course).

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 1:49 PM, Frank, Paul <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> The recent discussion on this list about the Interim report of the PCC
> Series Policy Task Force reminds me to announce the posting of the PCC
> training materials on Series Statements and Series Authority Records
> <>
> .These training materials are now on the Cataloger’s Learning Workshop
> web site, and are ready for use.   The training materials were created by
> PCC members for PCC members, and as you will note in the introductory
> statement, the materials may be used in multiple ways—in formal classroom
> settings, in online training, or as self-paced individual or group
> instruction.  There are many people to thank for the development of these
> training materials, and even though their names are mentioned on the
> training web site, I would like to repeat the names here because these
> people did some amazing work to make all of this possible:The PCC SCT RDA
> Series Training Task Group: Carl Horne, chair (Indiana Univ.), Mary Jane
> Cuneo (Harvard Univ.), Julie Dyles Darken (Univ. of Georgia), Peter
> Fletcher (Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles), Lisa Furubotten (Texas A&M
> Univ.), Jenifer Marquardt (Univ. of Georgia), Robert L. Maxwell (Brigham
> Young Univ.), Melanie Polutta (Library of Congress), George Prager (New
> York Univ.)The PCC SCT Series Policy Task Force: Ed Jones (National
> Univ.), Robert Maxwell (Brigham Young Univ.), George Prager (New York
> Univ., Law), Paul Priebe (Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles)The Series
> Training Materials Editorial Board: Steven Riel, editor-in-chief (Harvard
> Univ.), Peter Fletcher (Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles), Julie Dyles
> Darken (Univ. of Georgia), Jenifer Marquardt (Univ. of Georgia)Thanks to
> all for this exciting accomplishment, Paul
> Paul Frank
> Acting Coordinator, NACO and SACO Programs
> Cooperative Programs Section
> Cooperative and Instructional Programs Division
> Library of Congress
> 101 Independence Ave., SE
> Washington, DC 20540-4230
> 202-707-1570
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