Hi Deborah, I doubt this answers your question, but there used to be an LC-PCC PS at 6.30.3 which specified only LC practice (not PCC), which was deleted October 9, 2012. It stated: 

LC practice: When identifying an expression not already represented by a name authority record, do not add another characteristic to differentiate one such expression from another expression (e.g., do not differentiate one 2011 English version of the Bible from another 2011 English version of the Bible). Other elements in LC’s bibliographic record (e.g., date) are available to the user for selecting a specific expression if desired; RDA 0.6.3 allows differentiating characteristics to be recorded as separate elements or as part of the authorized access points. If there is a name authority record with an authorized access point for an expression that includes an additional characteristic LC would not have added, use the form of the access point in that authority record; this action is consistent with the LC/PCC policy of using authorized access points in existing name authority records."

Under this PS, PCC practice was pending the outcome of the PCC's task group on access points for expressions. This mirrors the more general policy statements for LC practice and still-pending PCC practice found under the LC-PCC PS at 6.27.3 for expressions and 6.28.3 for expressions of musical works.


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Note, however, that the proposal being considered does not directly deal with the question of whether the date is part of the authorized access point or not. It clarifies that the date to be recorded is the date of the expression, not the date of the manifestation. It does not deal with whether this date must be included in the authorized access point (which would be more of a policy question).


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I know this has been discussed before, but I could not find anything resembling a resolution or a consensus in the list archives.


Here are my thoughts at present; I would welcome comments and corrections to incorrect assumptions.


Use the date as part of the "authorized access point for the expression" or not?


Just want to point out that the CC:DA is considering an RDA change proposal on  Details are here:

The link to the proposal document is near the top of the post on that page.


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