Hi Fred, I wrote a PHP SRU client that might help you out:

It's, uh, underdocumented (looking at it now), but I'll work on that when
I'm back to a consistent internet connection.

Even if you don't want the whole library, it might give you some pointers
for parsing the response.


On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, Jonathan Rochkind <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I am not familiar with PHP XML processing routines, but in other
> languages, I actually find it most convenient to simply remove the
> namespaces from the XML before trying to deal with the XML.
> Yes, heretical. Yes, it could be a problem if the document contains two
> different elements with the same name but different namespace in a way that
> conflicts (I've NEVER actually run into that problem).
> But so many XML libraries make it so hard to deal with namespaces (and
> often have bugs with it), I often find it most convenient to just remove em
> and have a namespace-less document.
> Of course, whether you can do THAT (remove namespaces) conveniently may
> depend on your XML processing library too. Sorry, not familiar with how
> this is done in PHP.
> On 8/19/14 11:41 AM, Fred Riley wrote:
>> Thanks, Mike, and to Jörg for his offline reply. You're right, the XML
>> returned from the SRU query is valid. My problem, with which I've
>> grappled with the help of Monica Duke (whom you'll know of) despite her
>> being on maternity leave, is traversing the hierarchy of children in a
>> multi-namespace document to get at the info I need. So, in the example I
>> cited:
>> searchRetrieve&query=gaelic&version=1.1
>> the returned XML has nested namespaces, and I was trying to get hold of
>> record fields (eg title, description) by traversing the hierarchy of
>> children, but got stuck amongst eye-scrunching XML and PHP code. I put
>> some test scripts online
>> ( which
>> were my early and failed efforts to do this some weeks back. I'm hoping
>> that returning now with a fresh mind, and picking brains on this list,
>> will lead to a fresh approach.
>> I'm off on leave for two days so won't be on this until Friday, when
>> I'll give Jörg's code a bash.
>> (If you're getting /déja vu/, Mike, it's because I posted a precursor to
>> this query to cetis-metadata on 12th June, and you and Monica
>> contributed to the thread. )
>> Cheers
>> Fred
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>> *Subject:* Re: SRU parsing with PHP
>> Fred, I think this forum is perfectly appropriate.
>> What exactly is it that you're having difficulty with? Looks to me like
>> you have a perfectly good XML document there. You can feed it to the XML
>> parser of your choice in PHP, and walk the resulting tree to extract the
>> information you need.
>> Do you have a more specific query?
>> -- Mike.
>> On 19 August 2014 12:10, Fred Riley <[log in to unmask]
>> <mailto:[log in to unmask]>> wrote:
>>     Hi
>>     This is my first message to this list, which I've only just joined
>>     at the recommendation of a colleague. I'm looking to develop a
>>     website for Open Educational Resources (OER), which will query SRU
>>     services in open repositories. I've been trying to write PHP scripts
>>     to query SRU services, but running into the sand parsing the
>>     returned XML. My preliminary question is: is this listserv an
>>     appropriate place to post technical queries about SRU, or is more
>>     'meta'?
>>     The query I want to post is related to, and descended from, a query
>>     I posted to StackOverflow a while back
>>     (
>> way-to-parse-sru-xml).
>>     The repository I'm wanting to query, in the first instance, is the
>>     Intralibrary installation at my current institution (SRU service
>>     URL: An example query I
>>     need to parse the results of is:
>> searchRetrieve&query=gaelic&version=1.1
>>     If I can get SRU querying of this repository working then it'll be
>>     applicable to other repositories.
>>     As background, I have experience of learning object repository
>>     (Intralibrary) administration, and of learning object metadata
>>     schemas (especially UK LOM Core) and applications. I'm also an
>>     experienced PHP coder. I've done an awful lot of reading of fine
>>     manuals, fora and websites. I have a half-decent understanding of
>>     XML but am no expert, and know nothing at all about XPath and XSLT.
>>     Thanks in anticipation for your tolerance and help :)
>>     Fred
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