Error during command authentication.

Error - unable to initiate communication with LISTSERV (errno=111). The server is probably not started. I am an utter newbie to SRU and would be very grateful for your help. 

I am trying to implement an application in which the user 
(a) first scans an ISBN from a book, then 
(b) does a lookup via SRU to get information from the Library of Congress (and thereby avoid manual entry).

I am using (for example)

and I am getting back:
numberOfRecords: 0
diagnostic: message: Unsupported index
detail: isbn

However, if I get the Explain record, it says
<index id=“7”>
<map><name set=“bath”>isbn</name></map>

So I would have thought that what I attempted to do was legal.

[1] What am I missing here?
[2] How can I do an ISBN lookup?

Thank you for your help.


Rick Aurbach
Aurbach & Associates, Inc.