Dom is indeed a full-fledged member of ARSC. I had the extreme pleasure of
running into him at the Chapel Hill meeting a few months  ago. He was a
presence in various areas of the hotel and could be seen at all hours
jamming on banjo, bones, quills, etc.with whoever happened to be around.

A wonderful performer in every sense.

Peter Hirsch

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 2:51 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]>

> I noticed in the last ARSC Newsletter that former Carolina Chocolate Drops
> member Dom Flemons has joined our membership ranks.
> Out recently is Dom Flemons' new CD, "Prospect Hill":
> and
> One man's opinion, this album is highly recommended. The booklet notes are
> a bit extensive and academic (do you really need to know exact details of
> how Flemons discovered the songs he covers on this album? OK, maybe some
> people obsess about this kind of information). But the music is fun and
> fresh. Really superb playing, and nice tune choices. Flemons has a
> soulfulness to his approach that is missing on a lot of "Americana"
> projects that I've heard. And he doesn't overdue old-time mannerisms. The
> whole thing sounds like it's not forced at all. It sounds like what I like
> about the best old-time records -- like a bunch of guys having a good time
> making music together, and by the way they happen to be expert musicians,
> not the other way around.
> -- Tom Fine