I am trying to understand at what point the original LP recording,
apparently made in 1964 and issued in Portugal as

"Ha Festa Na Mouraria" by Alfredo Marceneiro

was tampered with by the recording company (Valentim de Carvalho)  and
reissued under the same title, with no indication whatsoever that further
guitar and Portuguese guitarra tracks by (new? but unnamed) musicians had
been added to the original.

Unfortunately I have no catalogue or matrix numbers for the original issue
of the LP, of which I have an exellent reel recording I made myself 40
years ago. It is manifestly different from the physical LP whose number I
cite here:

Columbia LP Columbia 8E 048-40 128, mx nos in dead wax give above number
plus MA-1 and B-1 respectively, contains recordings which are clearly not a
faithfiul repressing of the original.

I wonder if anyone can date this Columbia LP? And, if at all possible, also
date the original issue, as the year 1964 is perhaps not completely

Tony Klein