Actually these unboxings are getting very popular on You Tube. It gives a
future purchaser a first had look at what they are receiving which written
reviews can't. In this case the unboxer is a Beatles expert so when he says
the label, inner sleeve is correct that is good news to fans.

EMI needs to hire this guy to keep them straight. Beatles mean money to

I remember when Capitol reissued the American Beatles albums on CDs. The
plan was to put the stereo and mono album mixes on the same CD, which I
wish more companies would do. The first four albums came out great. But on
the first run of the second 4 US albums, EMI engineers not knowing any
better simply folded down the stereo masters to mono. A total waste of
time, and money for EMI, They had to issue a "corrected version" because in
the Early 60s mono was king and was not normally folded down from the
weaker (and in many cases inferior) stereo versions.

Unfortunately the original monos are disappearing, from many company

Paul Urbahns
Radcliff, Ky