Rod Smear  wrote:

> and don't forget that, with less songs on the LPs, less $$ needs to be
> paid for royalties. Am I correct on that?

That's right, but I don't think mechanical royalties was why  Capitol
started cutting up the albums. Vee Jay started by dropping two tracks from
Please Please Me to create the Introducing album, because typically
American albums of the period had 12 songs. Please Please Me is different
as it had the singles on it, but with the second album (in the UK) With The
Beatles did not have the first single they was going to promote it, so they
added that. Therefore three of the original songs were left off. In the US,
45 singles were used to promote the sales of albums. So it is important
that the albums contain the hits. In England apparently that was not the

That's my major complaint with the UK releases, (other than Please Please
Me), the early Beatles UK albums do not have their hits, the hits were
issued in England on 45s and EPs.

Paul Urbahns
Radcliff, Ky