On 02/09/2014, Jon Samuels wrote:

> Please some confirm that this posting is getting to the ARSC List, as
> previous postings I've made have not.
> The RCA Rachmaninoff LPs were not transferred by Ward Marston; he was
> still in school at the time. The BMG CDs made in 1991 were transferred
> by Ward, and the newer set probably uses those transfers. Although
> Ward did do the transfers, they were CEDARed (declicked) after the
> fact at BMG Studios, an early CEDAR effort that was overdone to my
> ears, and that therefore somewhat compromised the sound that Ward
> provided.
That makes sense, as I just noticed that it says "disc to DAT transfer
by Ward Marston" and there was no DAT in 1973.

There is no mention in the LP booklet of who did the transfers.

It seems unlikely that Ward Marston would have used a wrong size stylus.

Don Cox
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