Paul Stamler wrote:
> 5" was also an attractive size because the player for a 5" disc would fit
> into the standard cutout in a car's dashboard. At the time many cars had
> radio/cassette players, and the Compact Disc was intended as a replacement
> for the Compact Cassette, to use the formal names for each format.

I agree Paul that makes a lot of sense, and even though  Tom Fine makes a
case fir Rock music, Rock is basically 2 - 3 minute songs compiled.

I can see where you would take the longest classical piece (they are
usually played through at once) and develop a playing time to fit. That way
all the others should.

But as you say physical size was important (where have I heard that line
before???) and we all remember how important the auto industry was to 8

Paul Urbahns
Radcliff, Ky