Tom Fine  wrote:
> Rock n Roll albums may have started out as "basically 2 - 3 minute songs
> compiled," but you might have missed the 70s and onward!

Actually I started "appreciating" rock music with the Beach Boys and Four
Seasons in 1962. I didn't miss the 70s I was a DJ then, but a two LP album
could easily be issued on 2 CDs and you would not have to turn it over.

But generally in rock music singles sold albums, otherwise the American Top
40 radio program would not have been that successful.

But I think putting all of Beethoven's Ninth on one CD would be impressive.

I read how Columbia introduced the LP, using Ravel's "Bolero" The executive
put the needle on the record and started it playing, and spoke and spoke
and spoke the whole length of the recording, when he finished and the
record completed...the crowd reportedly went wild, as up to then commercial
records of Bolero took several sides of 78s.

The whole point is to impress, and make people pay attention.

Paul Urbahns
Radcliff, Ky