Hi Paul:

The RE16 has a pronounced presence peak right where a disk cutter from the 1940s is likely to be 
screamy sounding. I would recommend against it. The RE20, on the other hand, has a near-flat 
response in that region. With an RE16, you are capturing as much sound of the mic as sound of the 
disk recorder. WIth an RE20, you are hearing almost all of the sound of the disk recorder, because 
it is nearly flat on-axis in all the frequencies likely to be recorded by a 1940s Presto machine.

-- Tom Fine

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> On 9/19/2014 11:19 AM, Lorna Fulton wrote:
>> That's good advice- have just had a quick look at these though, and wonder if they have a 
>> different name/code in the uk, as it seems not so easy to find them?
> The RE20 should be easy to find. The RE15 is no longer in production, but is fairly common on eBay 
> in the USA. The RE16, which is similar to the RE15 but has a pop filter and sounds a little 
> brighter, is still in production.
> Peace,
> Paul