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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Paciofic Jazz/World Pacific Richard Bock's studio

Does anyone know a source for details on Richard Bock's Pacific Records'
recording studio? There are 
many session photos scattered around Mosaic Records reissue books, so I
assume Blue Note/UMG must 
have at least photographic details in their files. The sound Bock got was
usually much cleaner, and 
he was working with more realistic stereo earlier, compared to, for
instance, Van Gelder and Radio 
Recorders. I'm interested in the design of the studio, what equipment was in
the control room, etc.

The studio also went to 4-track and 8-track quickly when those technologies
came along. An 
interesting evolution is seen in photos in the Gerald Wilson box set book.
The studio was heavily 
damped with blankets by the late 60s, and more mics were closer-in,
indicating to me that the method 
had changed from a "live in the room" mix to multi-track recording and
remixing with echo and EQ 
added then.

I'm hoping Blue Note head Don Was has success with his 75th Anniversary
series and then turns 
attention to the Pacific Jazz material, much of which is badly in need of
remastering and reissue.

-- Tom Fine 

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