I should have been more clear, as usual.

Among my concerns is the propensity of metal file cabinets to vibrate and
add random noises when the volume is turned up.  Can these pads deal with
this issue or do I have to keep the cabinets full as well?


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Look into Primeacoustic Recoil Stabilizers. I swear by them, not at them.

-- Tom Fine

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> I'm putting a speaker on a metal filing cabinet- it's either that or move
> the walls.  
> Anyone have experience taming this beast so it doesn't add unwanted bass
> coloration.  Anyone have experience wityh this problem?
> I'm contemplating putting on a butcher block for density and heavy rug
> underlay below it, the speaker on top.  It's a bookshelf B&W.  
> Amy practical suggestions welcome.  I've already ruled out hanging it from
> the cieling, suspending it from helium baloons, etc.
> Steve Smolian