A common trick for stabilizing mini-monitors to the tops of stands is to use
globs of Blue Tak (poster-putty?). It not only sticks the cabinet to the
stand, but provides for some decoupling between the stand and speaker.
Adjust glob size to taste/effectiveness. But, you might need something more

Regarding other setups, I found George Cardas' formula to work in my space.
It's a good fit, because my room is very symmetrical and I can bring my
speakers well away from the walls. A while ago, I tried moving a new pair
around a lot until I got the smoothest bass. Then I found this formula.
Turned out, my positioning was within an inch of Georges' spec!

Here it is:

Try the handy calculators.

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I'm putting a speaker on a metal filing cabinet- it's either that or move
the walls.  
Anyone have experience taming this beast so it doesn't add unwanted bass
coloration.  Anyone have experience wityh this problem?
I'm contemplating putting on a butcher block for density and heavy rug
underlay below it, the speaker on top.  It's a bookshelf B&W.  
Amy practical suggestions welcome.  I've already ruled out hanging it from
the cieling, suspending it from helium baloons, etc.
Steve Smolian