To which I would add: The Pavek is in a western suburb of Minneapolis 


Mark Durenberger

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OK, I found the details about the Pavek and Edison recording. Apparently 
Steve Raymer at the Pavek
can use their replica Edison recorder. In 2013, he participated in an event 
called "The Science of
Sound" at the Minnesota Science Museum, bringing the Pavek's Edison 
recorder, an Edison player, and
new-production wax blanks made by Paul Morris Co of England (according to 
Steve, still available as
of late 2013). At the Minnesota Museum of Science, Raymer successfully 
recorded and played back
recordings, including of a local lady with an excellent operatic voice. In 
the Pavek Museum
newsletter of July-September 2013, Steve specifically thanks ARSC 
contributor Nick Bergh for help
getting the Pavek equipped and able to record cylinders.

So, Richard Grimes, you should definitely reach out to Steve Raymer at the 
Pavek Museum in St. Paul

-- Tom Fine