A key point among collectors of older, especially mono recordings, is that
they are after the original or mixed-to-mono sound but also as processed
through tube equipment or, later, tube-in-transition equipment.  Making mono
LPs through a digitized system violates this idea completely.  This is true
for present day buyers who bother to think it through. 

But then, there are Elvis-obsessed buyers who prefer to collect a second
issue Peruvian Elvis 45 than music by other artists.  They like music and
have other records but their collecting focus remains on Elvis.  Same on
this new Beatles LP set?

Steve Smolian 

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Lou Judson wrote:

> I don't see the point of the reissued Lps, but then that is just me.

Believe if or not some people still collect vinyl!

Paul Urbahns
Radcliff, Ky